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Let’s face it, finding the perfect condo in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna and surrounding areas can take a lot of time and effort. So, when you find one that’s perfect for you and your family’s needs, it makes sense that you will want to sign the papers, get your keys and move in as soon as possible. However, before doing so, let our highly trained staff review the strata documents including the corporation’s financials, by-laws, minutes, engineering reports, depreciation reports and other applicable documents. We will summarize them into an easy to read and confidential report. Let us Decode ‘N’ Analyze (DNA) the details of your condominium/strata.

Minimize Your Risk & Protect Your Investment
Our Document Review Services look at every aspect of your strata in order to answer all of your questions ahead of property ownership. Don’t leave one of the most important financial decisions of your life up to chance. Sadly, thousands of new condo owners have faced special assessments costing them thousands of dollars they were unprepared to spend. Avoid becoming a strata statistic and let Condo DNA deliver the facts you (and your bank) need to make a secure decision. Proudly serving Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria and the surrounding areas in Western Canada.

Superior Customer Service & Expert Advice
We understand how easy it can be to “assume the best,” and “fall in love,” with your potential property. However, what we see and take for granted does not always equate to the reality of the fine print. Condo DNA specializes in helping clients Decode N’ Analyze all aspects of their strata documents, requirements, financials and reports clearly and concisely. Our Document Review Services provides the comprehensive details you and your bank require to ensure you are making a quality condo or strata purchase. Realtors and condominium boards alike rely on these details to ensure complete transparency. Our friendly and professional team looks forward to meeting up with you at your earliest convenience.