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Condo DNA Is Your Appraisal & Inspection Team

Condo DNA Is Your Appraisal & Inspection Team


Purchasing a condominium can be an exciting venture; especially for first-time homebuyers in Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna. An experienced appraisal and inspection team can outline the details you need to know prior to signing on the dotted line. Understanding the wear and tear the entire building in addition to your unit can potentially save you thousands of dollars. How old is the roof? Will you be forced to pay for a new pool or amenity sooner than later? Condo DNA in Kelowna is your first and last call! Our professional team knows exactly what to look for and are happy to provide you with a comprehensive report so that you have all the facts.


Book Our Document Review Services for Peace of Mind

We completely understand how exciting and stressful the entire process of buying or selling property can be. You are bound to receive lots of unsolicited advice from friends, family, and coworkers. Therefore,  having an unbiased third party review the fine print on your behalf is incredibly beneficial to your investment. It’s shocking how many clients must rehome their beloved pets due to strata height and weight restrictions. If you are envisioning your giant fish tank moving in with you, it is necessary to determine ahead of time if this is even a possibility. Our experienced team is happy to review every item from parking and insurance, to depreciation reports and the operating budget, and everything in between. For instance, what kind of contingency funds are in place at your proposed building? Is your strata team organized and budgeting for upcoming repairs accordingly? Let us help you Decode N’ Analyze the fine points of your strata documents with our document review services.


Will Your Strata Get in the Way of Renovations? 

Every strata it is unique. It is vital to ensure you know what you’re signing up for before you begin the mortgage approval process. While you might think that adding a gas fireplace insert or switching your sliding patio doors out for French Doors is an easy feat, the fact is that you may simply not be allowed to make certain changes. Will you have to purchase pre-approved shade covers for your balcony or expensive, approved patio blinds for privacy? If you were planning on using bamboo screens, or some other DIY creative solution, you may be the recipient of a letter from your strata advising you to remove them immediately or face a fine.


Condo DNA: Appraisals and Inspections for Financial Accuracy

Conversely, perhaps you are the seller and wish to find out how much value you added with your completed renovations to determine an accurate asking price. The types of finishing materials you choose and how professionally everything was installed will dramatically influence your bottom line. Whether you are buying or selling, Condo DNA can Decode N’ Analyze every facet to give you and your lender the financial details required.


Condo Popularity On the Rise 

Thanks in part to skyrocketing real estate prices and more people choosing to complete university, many homebuyers are choosing condos. A prime example is the Kelowna real estate market, as construction continues to build onwards and upwards. The new One Water Street West Tower construction in Kelowna is another exciting residence that is going to be advancing our local skyline.

Contact Condo DNA today and let us help you with your inspection and appraisal needs. We look forward to providing you with peace of mind while answering all your questions and concerns!


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